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VoIP Recorder 1.148

It is A real passive recording solution which can record 200+ simultaneous calls
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VoIP Recorder is A real passive recording solution which can record 200 simultaneous calls.

Main Features:

- Sniffing network traffic, and real-time monitor SIP calls for any hardware, software phones, IPPBX and devices.

- Recording SIP calls into wav, mp3 and xml files. XML files contain caller, callee, call start time, call duration and audio file path information.

- Supporting PCMU(G711 mulaw), PCMA(G711 alaw), G726-32, GSM, G729, Speex, iLBC(20ms or 30ms).

- Filtering calls by Call ID or IP address.

- Support RTP based recording for other protocols. For example, H323 calls.

- Also comes with Digilog database application to convert xml files into SQL Server 2005 Express database.

- With SDK(ActiveX) and two samples(vb6 and C#), so you can add VoIP Recorder feature into you application in minutes.

- Supporting Wireshark .pcap file to wav file

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